About Camelot Solutions.

[dropcap style="background-color: #bc972c;"]C[/dropcap]amelot Solutions is a business consulting firm that specializes in the successful implementation of an organization’s critical initiatives and projects. Early in his career, Cameron quickly noticed that many of the projects he and his colleagues were working on were consistently failing to meet the intended results. Not accepting that the answer was to change the scope, timeframe, or strategy of the project, Cameron pursued learning new techniques to deliver the desired results.

Over the years, Cameron has found that an integrated approach to first assess the climate and develop a strategy to meet the needs of the organization to be the most useful. Project management, change management, process improvement, leadership training, and agile implementation have provided him with a robust set of skills, tools, and experiences to increase the chance of success for any project.

Camelot Solutions was designed using this approach to provide clients short term results in alignment with their long term goal. Leading any successful implementation is an art and a science; and one that is unique and requires clear focus. Lean Six Sigma, Scrum, and Accelerating Implementation Methodology can be used independently to provide tremendous value to any organization. An integrated approach leveraging the strengths and benefits from each of these provides a strengthened understanding and additional perspectives to improve outcomes of the project.

- Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
- Certified Scrum Master
- Accelerated Implementation Methodology (Practitioner and Instructor)
- Senn Delaney Training
- Vital Smart Leadership Training


About the Founder.

[dropcap style="background-color: #bc972c;"]C[/dropcap]ameron C. Erickson founded Camelot Solutions, Inc. in 2009 so he could follow his passion for helping people.  Cameron is committed to ensuring the success of the people that he works with and for.  He has spent over 15 years working on Process Improvement, Operations, Project Management, and Data Analytics.


Cameron was born and raised in Latham, NY, with his parents and 2 siblings.  He participated in sports and Boy Scouts, and became an Eagle Scout at the age of 17 years old.  Cameron's first job was as a Camp Counselor at Camp Chingachgook, located in Lake George, NY.

Cameron continues to reside in Latham with his wife, Erin, and their two children, Aidan and Ella.  He is an active member of the Forts Ferry PTA, is a member of the PTA Council, coaches his daughter's soccer team, and sponsors his son's youth baseball team.  He also coaches the NY Attack 15U Volleyball Club team (through Shenendowa High School).

Cameron has supported the Capital Region Chamber's Entrepreneur Bootcamp since 2009.  He enjoys hiking, camping, and playing volleyball.  Cameron's love for the rich history and the growing technical hub of the Capital Region is another reason that he is dedicated to Upstate New York.

Cameron's personal vision is to provide a significant, positive impact to his clients, community, and seeking to have a global impact.  Developing a large scale vision has been influential in how he attacks his personal and professional life.  This vision allows Cameron to identify a short term need and ensure that it aligns with long term success.

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