Services and Client Engagements.

Camelot Solutions understand that every industry, business, organization, and project is different. In today’s market, companies need to be able to deliver short term results that align with their long term goals. All of our engagements are based on clear objectives to meet specific needs for the organization. We understand time is money and what that the delivering of critical objectives can mean to an organization. Our approach is to provide the best results in the shortest timeframe. We offer three core services that allow us to provide the most value to our clients depending on their current situation. We work directly with the executive sponsor of the project or initiative to provided the necessary support to meet their objectives.

Project Assessment.

Duration: 2-4 weeks.

Project Readiness:
Comprehensive short term engagement to provide a targeted analyze of a planned project or initiative.

Project Pulse: Review the current state of a current project or initiative. Provide in-depth review of Assess the current state of a project. Review the overall health of the project and provide report outlining; any critical areas and how to address, if project is critical.

Project Guidance.

Duration: 1-3 Months, or length of project.

Overview: Work with executive sponsor and project manager to develop a project strategy and implementation plan that will lead to a successful implementation.

Hands-on Engagement: Continue advisory role working with executive sponsor and project manager to develop continue the project strategy. Or will work on a specific part of the project to address a target needs for the client.

Project Immersion.

Duration: Project Duration

Overview:During this engagement we are actively involved in the day to day operations of the project. Work directly with executives, supporting and reinforcing sponsors, project management and team leads, as well as the customers. Role will be to actively support the project, manage barriers, be an additional conduit by identifying and develop solutions for risks and issues, and provide expertise in process, tools, and facilitation. Involved from project concept through proof of ROI.