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Our expertise is based on methodologies that span industries, locations, and companies. We deeply believe in continuing to learn, develop, and apply strategies that work for each specific engagement. Not only is each industry and client different, we understand that each project within an organization is different. Our engagements are not specific to industry or client type.

Our experience includes working with health care, financial institutions, software development, non-for-profits, government, startups, and small businesses.

We are able to adapt to many methodologies and practices currently embedded within and organization. Tools and practices are adapted to meet the needs of the expectations.

We have extensive experience providing; significant enhancements, process improvements, helping companies implement strategic changes, create change management initiatives, optimize team efficiencies, and understand data analytics to embrace new opportunities.

We know how to integrate ourselves into your business and process to assist in achieving your organization’s central goals. We have experience working with Operations, IT Application, IT, PMO, TMO, Strategic Operations, Reporting, Data Analysis, Quality, Infrastructure, Compliance, Audit, Complaints and Appeals, Customer Experience, Provider, Network, Credentialing, Utilization Management, Population Health, Claims, Configuration, System Analytics, Business Analysis, Quality, Vendors, etc...

“Cameron was a crucial part of our provider database operations team. He always brought a fresh eye to our reporting needs, and re-energized and re-focused the team through his skill in database design and reporting. I enjoyed working with Cameron – he is quick, high-energy and has a great sense of humor too.” 
VP Network Operations - Healthcare

“I hired Cameron to teach a group of 20 entrepreneurs the basics of how to start a business. As a business owner himself, Cameron proved to be the best person for the job. He discussed the importance of a business plan along with the key elements in a business such as market research and business plan financials.”
Chamber Executive

“It is my pleasure to recommend Cameron to anyone interested healthcare solutions. Cameron will take clients through every step to streamline their total service process. Having gained the experience over the years running and training healthcare companies, it was only fitting that Cameron has branched out on his own as a consultant. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities, work ethic, and competence.”
Small Business Owner

"Cameron is a testament to Excellence. Not only is he knowledgeable and dependable, his creative business proposals and solutions are effective and sustainable." 
VP Operations – Healthcare