About Camelot Solutions

Camelot Solutions started to take shape in 2007 while Cameron Erickson was managing a corporate project which included a number of consultants and contractors to support corporate initiatives. While these businesses were charging top dollar, they were consistently underperforming, needed training from internal resources to support their areas of expertise, and had to request more seasoned support to meet the requirements. Two years later in 2009 Camelot Solutions, Inc. was founded.

Camelot Solutions is built on the premise that executives and business owners deserve and advocate to understand their vision and bring it into reality. By building partnerships, utilizing years of experience, aligning staff and direction we typically provide services that exceeds expectations. Our model is focused on meeting expectations as quickly as possible.  This provides a mutual benefit, allowing leadership to focus on other critical items, while allowing us to support new projects.

With over 20 years of experience we are familiar with many methodologies, practices, and tools. These include change management, Lean Six Sigma, Accelerated Implementation Methodology, Scrum, Lean Processing, PmBOK, and others. This provides a platform to jump into almost any project, quickly adapt to the environment, and provide value add within a short time period. Our work allows us to work with improving sponsorship, project teams, process improvements, change management, and other areas as needed to meet the needs. We practice building up all those involved in the project and leaving the organization and people better than when we found it.


About the Founder

Cameron C. Erickson founded Camelot Solutions, Inc. in 2009 so he could follow his passion for helping people, provide transformational change, and advocate for the advancement for local businesses. Cameron is committed to ensuring the success of the people that he works with, along with those are impacted by the services and products these organizations provide. 


Born in Latham, NY, he participated in soccer and volleyball, Boy Scouts achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, enjoyed the outdoors and camping, and traveling on family trips. Cameron continues to reside in Latham with his wife, Erin, and their two children. His dedication and commitment to the area began at an early age.


Cameron has supported the Capital Region Chamber's Entrepreneur Bootcamp since 2009. Is active in attending and supporting local small business and start up organizations like. Cameron also volunteers for local non-for-profits, participates in community events, and coaches local travel volleyball club.


He enjoys hiking, camping, and playing volleyball. Cameron's love for the rich history and the growing technical hub of the Capital Region has fostered his dedication to Upstate New York. Cameron continues to be involved in local business, mentoring, and supporting regional growth. Cameron volunteers for local non-for-profits, participates in community events, and coaches.


Cameron's personal vision is to provide a significant, positive impact on his community, and seeks to have a global impact. Cameron is always seeking new opportunities, help businesses grow, discuss new approaches to leapfrog current capabilities, and engaging with others looking to make big changes.

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