About Camelot Solutions

The Company

Camelot Solutions started to take shape in 2007 while Cameron Erickson was managing corporate projects which included a number of consultants and contractors. While these businesses were charging top dollar, it became apparent that they were consistently underperforming, needed training from internal resources to support their areas of expertise, and had to request more seasoned support to meet demands.

From then on, Cameron knew there were better ways to support companies and organizations, providing just the right type of guidance infrastructure to help teams of people through the process. It has since been his unwavering mission to learn, test, refine, and continue to distill approaches to maximize value. Camelot Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2009 and has continued to be an advocate for excellence in service and consistently demonstrating efficient approaches to get results.

The Founder

Cameron founded Camelot Solutions, Inc. so he could follow his passion for helping people, providing transformational change, and advocating for the advancement of local businesses. He’s committed to ensuring the success of those he works with as well as those impacted by the services and products his clients offer. 

A true visionary, Cameron’s mission is to provide a significant, positive impact both on a local community level as well as global influence. He has supported the Capital Region Chamber’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp, participated in numerous business competitions, and is currently a business advisor for a teen entrepreneurship program. When he’s not working hard at these endeavors of mentoring and supporting regional growth, he volunteers for local non-profits, participates in various fundraising community events, and coaches a competitive travel volleyball club.

Cameron resides in his hometown of Latham, New York. He grew up participating in soccer, volleyball, and Boy Scouts where he achieved the esteemed rank of Eagle Scout. Cameron enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with his wife and their two children.