Our Clients

In true agile form, our services span industries, business models, companies, and locations. We are able to service our clients globally through technology and remote-based practices when preferred but able to implement a hybrid approach to meet in person as well.

Businesses We've Supported

Healthcare agencies, hospitals, software development companies, manufacturing, NYS  Dept. of Health, OMH, NYS Department of Justice, financial institutions, small businesses, start-ups, chamber of commerce, restaurants, and others.

Successful engagements with teams in the following areas

Leadership, strategy, management, operations, finance, regulatory/compliance, quality/audit, project management, legal, human resources, customer service, procurement, logistics/data warehousing, information technology, application development, manufacturing team, front line staff, business intelligence and analytics, production teams, and others.

"[Cameron] always brought a fresh eye to our reporting needs and re-eneregized and re-focused the team through his skill in database design and reporting. I enjoyed working with him. He is quick, high energy and has a great sense of humor too."
-- Vice President of Network Operations

"A testament to excellence. Not only is he knowledgeable and dependable, his creative business proposals and solutions are effective and sustainable."
-- Vice President of Operations, Healthcare

"He will take clients through every step to streamline their total service process. I have the utmost confidence in his abilities, work ethic, and competence."
-- Business Owner

"I hired Cameron to teach a group of 20 entrepreneurs the basics of how to start a business. As a business owner himself, he proved to be the best person for the job. He discussed the importance of a business plan along with the key elements in a business such as market research and business plan financials."
-- Chamber Executive