The roles each party contributes to a project requires collaboration and focus. By introducing Camelot Solutions as an advisor, your business is dramatically increasing its chances of achieving crucial goals. All engagements are focused on maximizing value for our clients, while ensuring the work is focused on progress and results. This allows us to dedicate our time to getting work done, addressing barriers and challenges, taking advantage of opportunities, and eliminating waste and errors in the most effective way. With over 20 years of experience, we are familiar with many methodologies, practices, and tools. These include change management, Lean Six Sigma, Accelerated Implementation Methodology, Scrum, Lean Processing, PmBOK, and others. This provides a platform to jump into virtually any project, quickly adapt to the environment, and provide value add within a short time period. Camelot Solutions is an advocate for the executive sponsor or business owner to implement the change. Our engagements typically fall into the roles of being a business development advocate, assisting with team development or being a source of support on a project. All services depend on the need of the client and specific project(s). Examples of successes we have had can be found here.